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We post the standard courses without any cost as well, we collect the 100% Off & paid course info from around the web and post the selected courses at our website. For a general post, we do not charge any cost. Please note that we will review your submission before consideration for posting it at our website. Your course should be interesting for our blog readers in order to be eligible for posting the course.

*We will post your course at all of our Social Media Accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.. we will expect the Free Coupons to have an Expiry date i.e. till x/y date rather having a limited numbers i.e. 500/1000 coupons. This will be a major consideration before your Course gets posted at our website and social media.

Probable Result: Depending on the interest of the readers, you will get 100 to 1000 new students enrolled..
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