ExpiredFree learning skill: Mother of all other skills and knowledge

Free learning skill: Mother of all other skills and knowledge
Free learning skill: Mother of all other skills and knowledge

Learning skill: Mother of all other skills and knowledge

Improve your learning skill to open doors to unlimited opportunities

  • Desire to change and to develop

This skill has been waiting for you…

Do you know which soft skill can be a basis for all your accomplishments in life? Do you know which soft skill can open access to any knowledge you want to master? Do you know which soft skill can make you the most valuable person in your society and workplace?

This is a learning skill. And this skill is actually undervalued and not taught at school or university, even though, with help of this skill people could learn any subject; they could have any degree or they could master any other skills they want.

This course is not about how to achieve success in personal and professional life, although, if you master a learning skill, you can achieve anything you want, because everything starts from learning.

After you develop your learning skill, you can learn how to become a good or exceptional professional; you can learn how to become happy and successful; you can learn how to become a millionaire. I mean, you can become anyone and achieve anything you wish. With this skill, your only limit will be your life-time.

The course is quite short regarding time but extensive regarding the aspects it cover therefore it is interesting, informative and practical. It is not only about tips and tricks on how to develop your learning skill. The thing is that actually, any accomplishment in life to 80% consists of psychology and only the rest 20% is about instruments.

Therefore, we organized the course in the following sequence:

– The first two parts (part 1 & 2) of the course are dedicated to prepare your inner condition or right mentally. In these parts, we will talk about some misconceptions related to the mind itself; we will talk about the reasons why you should develop your learning skill and how to get yourself motivated to do it.

– Then, in part 3, we will review the importance of your health or body in the development of your learning skill. You should understand that your body is an executor of your ideas. Healthier you are, more productive your actions will be.

– Finally, in parts 4 and 5, I will provide practical techniques and tips on improving your learning skill. So, what are you waiting for? Come and take your ‘key’ to all the accomplishments in your life.I want to remind you beforehand that most concepts that I give in this course are not novel, but they are principles and techniques used for hundreds of years, and most probably you know about them. Therefore our task will not be creating a wheel but rather it will be learning how to learn in a systematic way.

Who this course is for:
  • High-school students
  • Undergraduate students
  • Adults, who wish to make changes in life and career
  • Current and future entepreneurs

I look around and ask myself ‘how people can become more productive, more potential and valuable?’.

My name is Farrukh. I’m the co-founder of the company called ‘Khakimovs Group’ which specializes in online education.Yes, I’m involved in education and I like it because I think that only with proper education one can find his/her true potential. When I say education, I don’t mean the traditional one provided at schools and universities, although they are part of it. By ‘education’ I mean personal development and revealing one’s inner capacity.Today, more than ever we need truly ‘educated’ people who can bring the most value to this world and make it a better place to live. .

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