Music Theory for Complete Beginners 2

Music Theory for Complete Beginners 2
Music Theory for Complete Beginners 2

  • A smartphone with a metronome app would be really helpful
  • You should know how to read, write and perform basic Rhythms
  • All knowledge needed to take this course you can learn in the course “Music Theory for Complete Beginners” available in Udemy
  • A music keyboard would be really helpful, you can also use garageband on an iPad or use a music keyboard on a web page

In this course we take a deep dive into the relationships between sounds of different pitch.

We first study musical notes, the staff, the clefs and the acoustic index. All of the basic tools for making music.

Then we understand intervals, how to measure the distance between two different sounds.

When we understand intervals, we are ready to study scales, in this course we study the most important of all, the major scale, and you will be able to make every major scale there are.

And finally, not only do we use sounds in sequence, but also simultaneously, that’s why we have to study chords, in this course you will learn the four basic chords there are:┬áMajor, Minor, Diminished and Augmented.

Who this course is for:
  • Total beginners who want to learn the most basic fundamentals of music
  • Intermediate or advanced musicians who want to refresh and solidify their understanding and skill of the fundamentals of music
  • People who want to learn a new instrument by themselves but don’t understand the concepts in books or tutorials

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