Speed Reading Korean Style

Speed Reading Korean Style
Speed Reading Korean Style

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This course contains proprietary techniques that have been tested on more than 50,000 students.

1. Speed Reading Korean Style

2. Read Any Language with Limited Vocabulary – “THE MAGIC WORD TABLE” (LESSON 3)

CDI (Chung Dahm Institute) is a school in Korea that went into Initial Public Offering on the Korean Stock Exchange and grew to 200 institutions in just several years because of its cutting edge language acquisitions techniques, which enabled young students to read very dense text with an extremely limited vocabulary. Mike Ternoey, a New York City public school teacher and mining engineer,  worked at the main branch of CDI in Seoul, as a reading instructor during the Pre-IPO phase of the institution – and also in Kangnam, Seoul at a “million-dollar-a-year” cram school specializing in ESL SAT 2400 consulting. He takes you on a quick tour of reading methods students use for speed reading and reading with a low vocabulary.

THE MAGIC WORD TABLE is in the resources section.


1. The Magic Word Table In Spanish – under translation…(testing phase)

2. The Magic Word Table In French – under translation…

3. 1000 vocabulary words in clusters – learn 65 words a day.

4. SAT 2400/GMAT Grammar Cheat Sheets

5. Guest Instructors from Korea: Korean ESL Experts

THE MAGIC WORD TABLE (copyrighted) is in the resources section. The Magic Word Table is not like any other transition word list that is out there on google. Every quote in human history uses the word in the table to make a point. It is totally proprietary and optimized for ESL SAT and ESL LSAT. Students can take photos and screen shots of it and send it to friends. Its an image file copyrighted in 100 variations that no [competitor] can borrow.

Who this course is for:
  • 1. “Speed Readers”. 2. Anyone who wants to read very well in another language with a very limited vocabulary. 3. ESL LAT 4. ESL LSAT

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