Spice-Up Your Guitar Cover-Songs; Develop YOUR Unique Style

Spice-Up Your Guitar Cover-Songs; Develop YOUR Unique Style
Spice-Up Your Guitar Cover-Songs; Develop YOUR Unique Style

  • Are you comfortable with playing songs on the guitar, but you want to do it in a much more interesting and developed way? Welcome, this course was tailor-made exactly for you! (:
  • A desire to start building your own personal sound on the guitar, by getting to know many new techniques – and famous songs that showcase them.
  • Acoustic or electric guitar – whichever one that you prefer playing songs on.

This course will change the way that you are playing songs. It’s going to become a much more creative experience, open to your own interpretations and choices.

People will be touched and impressed with what you’ll do on the guitar – and they’ll want to hear more.

(for more details on the techniques and “spices” that you will learn – see the description below, and also the course curriculum content below)


What students have said:


“I’ve been a basic “campfire” strummer for years. I decided to try this course to see if I really could spice up my playing and make it more interesting. I’m still in the early stages, but already I’ve learned two new techniques that weren’t too difficult to pick up that are already starting to make a difference in my playing and in my songwriting. The instructor’s positive, encouraging tone is very motivating and helpful – especially when trying something a little more difficult. This course is HUGE! I expect to learn tons by the time I work my way through it. This is money well-spent!” James Craven


Cooper is an amazing teacher who knows what we want to learn. I always felt I played the guitar in a really boring fashion. In only a couple of days with his course I learned to play songs with arpeggios and everyone noticed a huge difference. This course is everything I was looking for. Jehú Alvarado


“Let’s clarify one thing right off the bat. This is not a song lessons course, you’re expected to already know a few songs. This is a “how do I go about playing the songs I know my way” course. The PDFs are your friends when it comes to helping you really break down and understand the ideas presented (and I know Cooper put a lot of work into them because they are chock full of information…) If you’re looking for a nudge to get you out of a campfire strumming rut, this is exactly what the doctor (of awesome covers) ordered.” Dora P.


“The advantage over the “learn-how-to-play-this-song” approach of most Youtube videos is that he teaches some basic techniques that can be applied to dress up any song.” Larry Tuck


“This course is absolutely amazing. I could not find much on these techniques all over the web, and this course covered all I needed in such a professional way – it is unreal!” Eli Eliashar




Who this course is for:
  • Guitar players that feel like their song-playing is on the boring side – and who want a major refreshment.
  • Guitar players who feel that they’re stuck in a rut and want to add more personal style to their playing.

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