Adam & Eve were naked. Learn the deeper meaning of this word

Adam & Eve were naked. Learn the deeper meaning of this word
Adam & Eve were naked. Learn the deeper meaning of this word

  • A little knowledge of the Bible stories like Adam and Eve would be handy but, even if you haven’t read the Bible you’ve heard enough for this course to be fully accessible
  • Just come with an open mind ready to hear what might be new concepts

You know that the story of Adam & Eve being naked and not ashamed is found in the very last verses of Genesis chapter 2. It occupies a prime transition position in the Bible story narrative because the very next verse sees the Serpent entering the Garden of Eden.

Ask yourself this question: If you were summarizing the story of God’s creation in 2 chapters would you conclude with ‘Adam and Eve being naked and not ashamed?’ I agree, this is interesting but do you see that this ‘nakedness’ cannot somehow be the climax of the Creation story. A dimension of understanding is missing.

This course explains what the real climax of God’s Creation really is.

In Biblical Hebrew the word for ‘naked’ (describing Adam and Eve, Genesis 2.27) and ‘subtle’ (describing the Serpent Genesis 3.1) are identical (you’ll clearly see this in the course using the free online Bible Study tools). Learn that the key to this climax is understanding why the same Hebrew word has two seemingly unrelated English translations. This is impossible to see and understand in any translation … that’s why you’ll delve into the original Biblical Hebrew … It’s so accessible you’ll be surprised.

Be prepared to have your eyes opened to a few of the keys to Master Biblical Hebrew to Unlock Bible Meaning … with no fuss. You’ll be able to take your mastery away and use it for your own Bible Study.


  • I learned a lot about using a concordance in this course. The instructor was interesting to listen to and obviously knew his topic.   Theresa K.
  • it was very easy to follow, very informative, and very methodical.     Gloria S.
  • It is something i have been searching for, a way to get past the translations and get to the deeper meaning of God’s word. Sheli
  • I have long suspected that the Adam and Eve story had a much deeper meaning. This course shows that what I suspected was true. An interesting way to look at the story. I am glad I took this course. Joseph W.
  • The instructor was very precise in his delivery and how to check the meaning. It was really helpful to learn the power of the Hebrew behind the words. Phyllis C.
  • It’s a SHAME!..after many bible translations most people still have a blurred “understanding” of what Sam Kneller, so elegantly clarifies in this course. See it for yourself. This is a MUST TAKE COURSE for everyone, no matter their beliefs (or non-beliefs) are. Hey!, if you can’t really comprehend the CLIMAX in ‘the first story’…forget PhDs. Thanks! Jesse C.
  • He explains in very slow and concise manner. Allowing a student to keep up with the lesson. JoAnne J.
  • A good lesson on words meaning and how to study them. It is not always what we think or what we have been taught. We need to understand what the authors meant when they wrote this, knowing that the entire was inspired by God for teaching us, correcting us, etc. (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Marcel R.
  • I think it is well organized and very informative. I thought the instructor could be a little more enthusiastic but I think that might just be because everyone who teaches now acts like they have just won the lottery. Overall, I think it was great. Myrna P.
  • For someone so old willing to take his time to share his knowledge with the world, he deserves 5 stars. If the video you find it too long, doesn’t matter, pay attention to the materials he has to share. In fact, the aim of this course is for him to enable you to self-learn independently. Shung J.
  • Found this course to give a clear and useful example of using the website and tools mentioned. Need to be open-minded and willing to explore the Bible, rather than dogmatic, to get the most from this course. Thanks, Sam, for introducing me to these tools. I look forward to further explorations. Robin S.
Who this course is for:
  • Unlock Bible meaning through Biblical Hebrew is for:
  • + Seekers searching for what the original language means
  • + Those wondering why the Bible has given rise to so many translations
  • + Those wondering whether the Bible stories are literal or figuative
  • + Those who’ve been ‘turned off’ by Bible thumpers
  • + Those who just want to see what the Bible says … even from a purely ‘cultural’ point of view
  • + Those who are looking for a new perspective on how to study the Bible
  • + Those who don’t have any knowledge of Hebrew whatsoever … as well as those who do have a certain comprehension
  • This course is not for:
  • – Those who only want to learn the Hebrew alphabet, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, speaking, pronunciation…
  • – Those who only want to learn Biblical Hebrew.

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