Harvesting Self Love Through Yoga

Harvesting Self Love Through Yoga
Harvesting Self Love Through Yoga

Everyone is able to do this course.
Completion of lecture exercises through attached worksheets is highly recommended.
Do you feel unworthy? Do you sometimes feel that you are not good enough? Do you have self doubt and low self belief? Do you focus on things about yourself that you really dislike?


Are you simply wanting to learn and understand how to create love for yourself?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then this course is for you. This course will give you a deeper understanding into self love. Unconditional love for yourself, acceptance and tolerance for every aspect of who you are. Loving ourselves does not come easily – we have to work hard at it. Though once mastered – it can lead to unlimited harmony and peace within. You will be able to see yourself in such a different light and be amazed at the beautiful person you really are.

Do this for yourself.

Come on a journey of building real self love through the ancient science of yoga. You will be introduced to one of the yogic principles called Ahimsa, which means ‘non-violence’ at the mental and emotional level. You will be able to use this simple, yet profound principle to harvest true love for yourself. Ahimsa encourages us to be kinder to ourselves. It helps us identify some of the key obstacles we face and it teaches us how to deal with them. Through theory and practical exercises you will be able to find the self love you deserve.

Who this course is for:
Anyone who is interested in self development
Anyone who is interested in understanding ancient yogic principles
Anyone wanting to find more love for themselves
Anyone who is interested in learning how yogic principles can be applied to creating more self love

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